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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A new blog is born: Check it !

It is a newborn blog, small in space but big in aspirations. It is aiming at building a database where EFL teachers can collect and use a wealth of information related not only to classroom practices but also to teachers’ everyday frustrations and their strive to do well inside and outside the classroom.

Originally, this blog was intended as a subsidiary place to add notes about our fresh magazine “ The Tunisian English Teaching Forum” , but now it tries also to be a place to share and chat, to talk and listen to people who have the same interests and often issues and difficulties.

Here is the link: http://tunisian-etforum.blogspot.com/



Antônio Trevisan Teixeira said...

Congratulatuions on your new periodical!

From the other side of the planet...

The Tunisian English Teaching Forum said...

Thanks a lot Antonio!
Looking forward to seeing you sometime.
I love your blog! I am a follower now.
Best regards,

Antônio Trevisan Teixeira said...

Thanks, Tarak! Feel free to vist my blog and leave a comment whenever you want.