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Monday, April 14, 2008

EFL teachers staffroom!

Have you ever struggled with an activity and wondered how it could be taught? Maybe you have browsed the internet only to find that the mass of downloadable lesson plans just doesn't meet your specific needs. It would even have made you lose time trying to find a more or less similar activity. Do not worry! Many of us have been there, too.
This is exactly where the idea behind this blog came from. If one of us has difficulties or is out of ideas on how a specific activity or a lesson should be taught, she/he can post it here. We can discuss it together and come up with a variety of creative and feasible suggestions, hopefully!
Therefore, this blog will not concern itself too much about theory, though a little background information will not do any harm as long as it is there to support our ideas rather than overshadow them. This blog's primary purpose is to make available concrete ideas for teachers on how specific lessons or activities may be approached.

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